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Unique Destination Wedding In Central Florida

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Lake Nona, Wave Hotel

Choosing a wedding destination is HARD. There are so many things to consider—does it have enough space for everyone, does it have the right vibe for you, is it close enough that guests can travel easily, and do you have to spend an arm and a leg?

Central Florida is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Not only that, this place knows how to do weddings right with a variety of unique wedding destinations that are sure to fulfill your every expectation.

Weddings are a momentous occasion for the bride and groom and everyone involved and invited to the event. With that, why not make it a TRULY memorable experience?

If you are looking for a wedding destination in Florida, this is the time to stop as you have found the perfect venue that offers multiple options.

And what sets it apart is that all of these are in one location. Free yourself from the hassle and set your eyes through this perfect wedding destination.

Which theme would you want your wedding celebration to be remembered - romantic, luxurious, fun, stunning or grand? Here are the perfect wedding locations at the Wave Hotel in Orlando to celebrate your milestone:


Lake Nona, Wave Hotel

If you like art, then why not get married right in the middle of it?

If you believe that arts and romance come together, the perfect venue location to say your vows will be at the Sculpture Garden at the Wave Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

The sculpture garden provides an intimate outdoor space with its vast space of 50,000 square feet - ideal for wedding ceremonies or other special events. It is decorated with mature trees, modern sculpture, dramatic lighting, and beautiful foliage that creates an unforgettable backdrop for any occasion.

This sculpture garden is made up of different sculptures, all of which were created by known artists. You and your lover will be surrounded by beautiful statues that can serve as an ideal location for some quiet moments together. You can also choose any one of them as a backdrop for your wedding photos. Everyone will be amazed by how beautiful they look!


Lake Nona, Wave Hotel

Are you ready for your own version of a fairytale-like happy ending?

Imagine floating on a wave of love as you dance with your new spouse. The Wave Ballroom provides this exact experience with its spacious and elegant events space that can fit 200 guests.

It has all the space you could need, but it still feels intimate and cozy because of its beauty. The huge windows let in tons of natural light and make the room glow from within. You'll feel like you've been transported to a fairy tale land when you see this room!

The ballroom is styled like a contemporary art museum with high ceilings and large floor to ceiling windows. An outdoor patio surrounds the space with views of the sculpture garden and a reflecting pool.


Lake Nona, Wave Hotel

The event calls for a celebration!

One unique location option is Haven Pool at Lake Nona Wave Hotel in Florida, a gorgeous outdoor space that seamlessly blends nature and architecture.

The fun and vibrant setting of Haven Pool can clearly liven up your guests from lengthy ceremonies. Feel the love in the air with colorful cabanas, fresh dishes, and refreshing cocktails. Enjoy the lush Florida view in this space sized at 5,000 square feet.

The pool's unique shape was inspired by the biology of dolphins, which are known to communicate with each other through echolocation or sound waves. But beyond its stunning appearance, there's plenty of room for dancing and mingling with your loved ones—just imagine celebrating your special day under the stars on this gorgeous rooftop setting!


Lake Nona, Wave Hotel

The Haven Lounge is located right on Lake Nona and offers an urban-industrial feel, with comfortable seating areas and stunning views. It also has an outdoor space where you can hold your ceremony (or just enjoy the weather).

The décor of Haven Lounge is influenced by nature, with bloom pendants and vine-like lighting adorning the walls. The venue also has a fun mixology menu, delectable small bites, and nightly live entertainment to stimulate the senses and indoor and outdoor seating adjacent to the vibrant HAVEN Pool.

The attention to detail and design creates a relaxing vibe that makes your guests feel welcome and inspired by their surroundings.

It's right on the water, perfect for a gorgeous view of the sunset—and features a pool as well as comfortable outdoor seating areas where your guests can kick back and sip some champagne during your reception.

Plus, they have all sorts of great food from local restaurants, so even your pickiest eaters will be happy!

Grand: BACAN

Lake Nona, Wave Hotel

Bacan is an intimate yet luxurious event space with incredible views of the water and nearby golf courses. It's the perfect venue to host your dream wedding, whether it's a small, family-only celebration or one that involves friends worldwide.

As you enter the beautiful wood-paneled foyer, your guests will be immediately transported to another time and place: 1930s France. The gold accents on the ceiling are reminiscent of the Parisian Art Deco movement. At the same time, the elegant furniture in the rooms surrounding the entryway is reminiscent of traditional French aristocratic homes.

With a dramatic open theater-style kitchen, menus providing high yet approachable food for innovative dining experiences, and an eclectically inspired environment, Bacan is unlike any other restaurant. It is unique and just a little bit surprising, with ingredients influenced by the myriad cuisines of America.

Final Thoughts

Lake Nona, Wave Hotel

Say goodbye to the worrisome booking process now that you have all you need in one.

Lake Nona Wave Hotel is a wedding venue in Florida like no other. With five venues in one and a prime location, this place is perfect for couples who want their wedding day to be as memorable as possible and are looking for a setting that takes the stress out of planning.

The Sculpture Garden, Wave Ballroom, Haven Pool, Haven Lounge, and Bacan have their own distinct atmosphere, so you can have your ceremony at one spot and then move on to dinner with your guests at another. You can even hold your bachelor/bachelorette party here while you're celebrating before the big day—the opportunities are endless!

The Lake Nona Wave Hotel is a beautiful and modern hotel that provides luxurious accommodations for guests, and it's also an incredible wedding spot.

Here's another life-changing tip:

Let us take away the hassle of managing and scheduling all that and focus on your most awaited day!

Hanover Celebrations specialize in full-service planning - this means finding the perfect venue to organizing the actual event. Take the first step and book your celebration call, and you will have a trusted advisor bringing your dream wedding to life.

Let’s celebrate your love,


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