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The Perfect Wedding Weekend Venue In Florida

Florida Wedding Weekend
Legacy Lane Weddings

There are so many options when it comes to creating your dream wedding, but I have to say one of my favorites is creating a wedding weekend.

To me it really gives you time to soak in all the emotions and enjoy this beautiful celebration. Probably why my husband and I chose to turn our wedding into a 4 day celebration. I still say to this day it was the best decision we have made. The memories that were created in those four days will be cherished forever.

So What Exactly Is A Wedding Weekend?

Basically hosting your wedding at a location that allows you to stay multiple days to spread your wedding celebration out while bringing all the family and friends together in one place. There are not too many times in life when a situation like this can happen so why not take it all in?

To me an 8-10 hour window just isn’t enough time. That is the most common feedback I get from brides at the end of the night. Those that opt to not do a wedding weekend all say “ that went by way too quick” or “can we extend the time.” My best advice is if having a wedding weekend is even on your radar just go with it you will not regret the extra time and beautiful memories that come from it.

With that being said I had to share with you the perfect wedding venue in Florida for a wedding weekend. This venue has it all and it was designed exactly for this purpose of bringing families together in one place to celebrate. I was blown away and knew this was a special place.

Legacy Lane Weddings

Florida Wedding Weekend
Legacy Lane Weddings

Legacy Lane Weddings located in Brooksville, FL in the greater Tampa Bay area is the perfect wedding weekend venue.

Let’s just say it makes a statement as soon as you pull down the long driveway pointing you directly at the stunning southern mansion. There are no words except “wow” that come to mind. That is just the beginning of what is to come for this gem of a venue.

I’m going to take you through each area of this venue and by the end you will see why I am raving about this venue as the perfect destination wedding location.

But, first to give you some quick stats; this venue sits on a picturesque 120 acre farm with beautiful horses roaming. The skyline makes for some special wedding photos. On this 120 acre farm it can accommodate up to 30 guests for a 2 night 3 day stay.

So, there is no rushing out at the end of the night here. You have the place to enjoy for the whole weekend. Let’s take a walk through the property, shall we?

The Bridal Estate

Florida Wedding Weekend
Legacy Lane Weddings

First things first! The second most important area of a venue, where the bride gets ready second to the ceremony site of course. Remember that mansion I mentioned earlier, yea that is the bridal estate. It has 5 bedrooms for the bride and bridesmaids to relax, unwind, and fully get ready in complete comfort. There is also a complete kitchen and multiple sitting and dining areas. Your hair and makeup team will thank you for going with this venue!

The Grooms Cabin

Then we also need to make sure there is a space for the groom and groomsmen to get ready. Just like with the bridal estate Legacy Lane over delivers with the groom's cabin. This is the ideal hangout for the groom and groomsmen with a large screen tv, Xbox and grill room with a grill and smoker. If he wasn’t getting married it probably wouldn’t be that easy to pull him away from the groom's cabin.

Ceremony Tree

Florida Weekend Wedding
Legacy Lane Weddings

This is the whole reason why everyone is coming together to witness this beautiful joining of two souls becoming one. Legacy Lane’s ceremony site does not disappoint. As your guests make their way to the ceremony they will be able to get there easily on the paver path. So, no heel mishaps to worry about. Once over there the start of the show is the gorgeous oak tree that gently covers the whole ceremony site. It really is a beautiful integration of nature. You honestly don’t even need an arch. It is that beautiful.

Open Air Pavilion

Florida Weekend Wedding
Legacy Lane Weddings

Now the ceremony has just concluded, you and your husband can make a grand exit by horse drawn carriage! As for your guests they will be guided to where the cocktail hour will take place. On the way to the Open Air Pavilion is truly captivating. Your guests will be walking under massive oak trees and feel like they are in a secret garden. As they enter the Open Air Pavilion they will be greeted with refreshing drinks and savory bites. It is a perfect start to the night's celebrations!

The Reception Barn

This reception barn really took my breath away. Right from the beginning with the large picturesque barn doors. They really make a statement. Then upon entering the barn it was so welcoming and light. I wanted to point that out because a lot of barns can be very dark and rustic. This barn was the opposite. Very light and airy while maintaining a cozy atmosphere. It will be sure to leave a lasting impression on all your guests.

More Amenities and Lodging

The Farmhouse

This is a favorite spot for additional family or friends to stay. This is a 3 bedroom house that includes all the comforts and amenities you will need. It is also the closest so a few of the popular activities on the property. There is a pool, hot tub, half basketball court, and a golf practice net. You can see why it is a favorite! These are all wonderful features that really allow each member of the family to enjoy, relax and connect.

The Lodge

This is an intimate one bedroom apartment that is beautifully decorated and furnished. This is the furthest lodging option on the property and one the bride and groom will sometimes opt for instead of staying in the main house to enjoy a moment together. What is fun about heading over to the lodge is experiencing the farm in full effect. On your way there you will see chickens, horses, donkeys, goats and pigs. Makes for a completely unique environment.

In Closing

I am so grateful I decided to go and experience this venue first hand. This is one of those properties that need to be fully experienced to truly appreciate everything it has to offer.

The team at Legacy Lane truly go above and beyond to do what is needed to bring your dream wedding to life. They understand that this is more than bringing two people together, it is the unity of families. What better way to do that than to slow down a bit, take in the beautiful scenery and actually spend quality time together celebrating the blessing of marriage.

I encourage you to reach out to book your tour today. You will thank me later!

I am also happy to help you with this process and accompany you on the tour. I can work seamlessly with the team at Legacy Lane to make sure everything comes together for your perfect wedding weekend.

Let’s celebrate your love,


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