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About Lindsay

Hi… I’m Lindsay Hanover. The lead planner here at Hanover Celebrations and it’s no surprise to me that you're here because you are looking to celebrate something special in your life! Whether it be a wedding, engagement, baby shower, bridal shower or charity event.  Hanover Celebrations would love to orchestrate your special day.

Hanover Celebrations is an intimate wedding and events service for clients that want to be able to celebrate life's moments and desire the highest level of service.  

After planning my wedding, I knew something was there. My husband and I already had a business at that time so adding something else onto my plate was out of the question.  Fast forward 5 years later and we have the creation of Hanover Celebrations.

God has given me a servant's heart and being able to serve my couples on their wedding day brings me immense joy.  If you are looking for someone that can put a smile on your face while never skipping a beat then I look forward to talking with you soon.

Some fun facts about me.
When I’m not planning weddings or events you can 100% find me spending time outside. I live where most people vacation ( to me it's a dream ) . I also thoroughly enjoy sipping red wine and listening to classical music ( old soul over here ) . I love spending time with my friends and going out to new restaurants.

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The Small Details

I love the details of planning a special event.  To me the details are where unique special moments live.  It's where your personality shines, and it makes your celebration yours.

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