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Do You Have A Few Questions Before Booking A Call?

Well, I have some answers for you! Check out below for common questions I receive.  Then be sure to book a call so we can dive deeper into your celebration!

  • How Do I Know If I Need An Event Planner?
    Great question! There are a couple things to consider here. The type of the event and the experience you want to have at the event. More complex events or destination events require more moving parts, more vendors and need someone experienced in being able to bring everyone together to allow the celebration to flow as intended. Brining an event planner on board will make sure you are getting access to the best vendors while being the lead person to bring it all together to match your vision. The second part of this is the experience you desire. Meaning are you looking to be the person that has to contact all vendors, organize, set up, coordinate the celebration and also be the host? Or would you rather be able to show up on the day of your celebration fully present, able to enjoy each and every moment without a care in the world because you know you have a professional handling it?
  • I just got engaged! When should I start talking with a wedding planner?
    First off, congrats on your engagement! This is a huge step for you and your fiance to take in your relationship. My best advice for you is to fully enjoy the time. Too often people rush past this phase and miss out on this unique moment. As for reaching out to a wedding planner, really the sooner the better. With a full service planner like myself I will take the reins right away to allow you and your fiance to enjoy being engaged. This will make sure you know the timeline and nothing is rushed or overlooked. This should be a fun and exciting process not a stressful one. Getting this important part done sooner than later keeps the anxiety out of the equation.
  • What can you expect from an event planner?
    To put it simply, my goal is to bring your dream celebration to life, and allow you to enjoy it stress free and fully present. But to give you an idea what that looks like..... -Celebration consultation to dive into your thoughts and expectations -Seeking out the perfect event space -Crafting the roadmap what what needs to happen and when -Bringing the right vendors into the equation -Managing the vendors so everyone is on the same page -Handling vendor payments -Event walkthroughs -Handling any curveballs that show up -Event day coordinator making sure things go as planned -Being your buffer on the day of the event -Making sure you are stress free and enjoying your celebration
  • What if I don't have a vision for my celebration?
    That is not a problem at all! That is one of the perks of working with a professional. Through our celebration consultation I will help bring your vision out of you. We will make sure your celebration matches your personality and exceeds your expectations. It can be overwhelming creating an event of any size by yourself. I can promise you by the end of our consultation you will feel lighter and excited for your celebration.
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