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Bridal Hairstyles To Match Your Ceremony Location

Bridal Hairstyles

When planning your wedding, it's important to consider the overall theme of the ceremony and reception. This can help you decide what color scheme to use, what kind of flowers and decorations to choose for the venue, and even what type of food to serve at the reception.

But what about your hair? A lot of thought goes into choosing the perfect hairstyle for a wedding. You want your hair to appear flawless on your wedding day, and you should have the pleasure of selecting the style that best suits your ceremony venue -- whether it is to be held indoors or outdoors.

Here are some bridal hairstyle ideas to match each ceremony location:


Choosing a hairstyle that compliments your setting is essential if you're being married in a mansion or some other equally grand location. In a mansion wedding, it's only appropriate that your bridal hairdo mirrors the grandeur of the surroundings.

Long and Loose

Bridal Hairstyles Long and Loose

If you're getting married in a mansion, your bridal hair should be long and loose. You want to look like you just stepped out of the pages of a fairy tale, so let your hair down and top it by showing off those curls!

We're talking long and loose, with the ability to whip around in the wind. You'll be able to feel the breeze follow your hair as it floats in the air. It's a staple of brides getting married at mansions—it's practically a right of passage!

A long, loose hairstyle with lots of volume is the perfect choice for this venue. The key here is to keep everything flowing freely and looking natural.


Bridal Hairstyles

Having an accessorized hairstyle is a terrific method to show off your elegant bridal beauty.

This look works well for the mansion location because it will make you feel like a princess in her castle. You'll want to add some sparkle to this hairstyle as well, so try adding a tiara, veil, or some other headpiece that catches the light. Accessorize with charms, or perhaps even pearls if you're feeling extra fancy.

If you're planning on wearing an updo, consider adding some sparkly accessories.

Estate / Garden

If you're getting married at an estate or garden location, you're probably inclined to choose a low-maintenance hairstyle that will look fresh and modern while still blending in with the beauty of your venue.

Flower Crown

Bridal Hairstyles Flower Crown

An outside garden wedding calls for natural-looking hairstyles that complement the surrounding foliage and flowers, which demands a flower crown, which is excellent for this occasion. Adding a dash of color and excitement to your hair is easy with this quick and easy method.

Whether it's made of real flowers or fake flowers, this wedding style will provide a special touch to your ceremony. You can go all out with the flowers or keep it simple with just one or two flowers in your hair.

Braided Crown

Bridal Hairstyles Braided Crown

When you're getting married in a garden venue, you want a hairstyle that's just as organic and wild as the flowers and plants around you. The braided crown is perfect for adding a little bit of elegance to your big day without losing the feeling of being outdoors.

The Braided Crown is a beautiful, intricate style that looks best when it's done in an environment with plenty of greenery and natural light. If your ceremony is in a garden venue, you're in luck! This style is perfect for you.


If you're being married on a beach, you'll want to combine your hairstyle with the location's aesthetic. It's hard to go wrong with a classic chignon because it's simple and classy at the same time. Or attempt a low braided ponytail for a sleek and clean look.

Classic Chignon

Bridal Hairstyles Classic Chignon

Try a classic chignon, a style similar to a bun with all your hair gathered at the nape of your neck if you want to keep it basic. It's a timeless style that can be dressed up or down depending on your attire and the venue.

Achieve this effortless elegance by twisting your strands into a stylish knot with minimal fuss. Keep some of the frontal hairs curled and down for a more sensual look. This style keeps your hair out of your face, allowing you to concentrate on the once-in-a-lifetime ceremony in front of you.

Low Braided Ponytail

Bridal Hairstyles Low Braided Ponytail

A low ponytail braided in a braid is a basic but elegant option if you're planning an outdoor wedding. It's a great choice for a beach wedding because it's simple and elegant without being distracting. It's light and breezy, so it'll be perfect for enjoying the sea breeze.

First, tie your hair into the tallest ponytail possible and slick it back with gel. Then, divide the tail into three strands and braid it to the very end. If you like it long, you can also add extensions.


If you are getting married in a church, the hairstyle you choose for your wedding day should be as elegant and serene as the structure itself.

Half Up, Half Down

Bridal Hairstyles Half Up Half Down

If you're getting married in a church, this is one of the most frequent methods to style your hair. Your hair is styled in an updo, while the rest of your hair is left loose and flowing. With long hair, this style is ideal because it leaves plenty of room for all of those beautiful curls!

So, let's get started with the Half Up, Half Down style. This is a stunning and adaptable look. With a little amount of shine, it's the perfect way to show off your lovely curls. A few loose curls or braids might even brighten up the look.

To do this, you need to separate your hair into two portions, then tie one with an elastic band. Start curling your hair from the back and proceed forward. Pin the coils behind your ears. You can also leave a few strands loose for a more natural look.

Glam Waves

Bridal Hairstyles Glam Waves

Next up is Glam Waves. This wedding hairstyle is perfect for someone who wants that classic bridal look without going overboard on flowers or veils. It's classy yet modern, and it will be sure to make heads turn as you walk down the aisle!

The waves should be smooth and relaxed, but they can also be embellished with curls or braids. If desired, curves or braids can be added to the waves, but they should be natural-looking. In order to prevent hiding your features, the style should not be too stiff.

Trendy Hotels

Hotels offer gorgeous venues, delicious cuisine, and top-notch service that will ensure that your wedding is truly unforgettable! Having your wedding in a hotel is a classy and elegant way to spend your "ultimate fairytale moment."

Party Ponytail

Bridal Hairstyles Party Ponytail

The Party Ponytail is a classic wedding hairdo that stands out even more when worn at a trendy hotel. This style is made by pulling back the hair into a high ponytail and leaving it hanging freely around the shoulders.

The nicest aspect about this hairstyle is that you don't have to worry about it getting untidy for the entire day! In addition, it will go well with a variety of outfits.

Styling and touch-ups can be done quickly and easily with this look, making it an excellent choice for busy women on the go.

Voluminous Pony

Bridal Hairstyles Voluminous Pony

If you're looking for a more delicate wedding day look, this hairstyle is perfect for you. The rest of the hair is pulled back into a loose bun and worn loosely around the shoulders in a high ponytail.

With just a few minutes spent in front of the mirror, a bride will still look beautiful in any style of dress. With a hint of volume and drama but also a polished, refined look, this style is ideal for individuals who like their hair to have a little bit of both.

Final Thoughts

The perfect wedding hairstyle can make or break your look. While you don't want to spend weeks worrying about your hair and stressing over the ideal style, you must take the time to find one that works with your venue and fits the tone of your ceremony.

At Hanover Celebrations, we'll help you find the perfect look for your wedding day—and it won't just be about the style itself. We want our clients to envision themselves getting ready on their wedding day to see themselves looking exactly how they want to look when they walk down the aisle of your dream wedding venue.

Are you excited about what your wedding day will look like?

Let's celebrate your love,


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