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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Brides Make When Trying To Plan Their Own Wedding.

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

DIY Wedding Planning Mistakes Brides Make
Wedding Planning Mistakes Brides Make

So you want to start planning a wedding, and you're overwhelmed with the whole process? You're not alone! Newly engaged brides like you pass through the same experience. New couples don’t really know what is expected in the wedding planning process. So, don't feel bad when you are tired just at the beginning; it happens to everyone.

Nonetheless, the whole process can go hiccup-free and smooth when you know the DIY wedding mistakes to avoid. That’s why in this article, I've listed out the three biggest mistakes most brides make when wedding planning and how to avoid them. Let's get started.

DIY Wedding Planning Mistakes Brides Make
Wedding Planning Mistakes Brides Make

1. Budget

Not having the "talk" about the budget can really damage wedding planning. You may find yourself in credit card debt and wedding planning debt to pay off after the whole event. It's important that you have a talk with your partners, parents, and evaluate your current financial standings to see how much you want to spend or could spend. Also, account for everything and every guest you invite. Most couples often set their budgets on the number of guests that respond to invites and forget the extras like their band, videographers, flowers, and other items not included in most venues' packages. If you don't account for hidden costs, you will blow your budget too early.

Like I tell every newly engaged bride that I've worked with, money is tricky when it comes to wedding planning. I know how exciting it can be to pin every beautiful wedding item you see on Pinterest. However, before you rush to place an order for those items, talk to a professional. You need to talk to someone who has experience in planning weddings so that you can stay within your budget. If you have a realistic budget for your wedding, you'll be able to work within that budget and avoid setbacks and frustration. Planning a wedding should be fun, not something that causes financial stress.

DIY Wedding Planning Mistakes Brides Make
Wedding Planning Mistakes Brides Make
2. Not Hiring a Professional Wedding Planner.

Planning your wedding or having a "friend" plan your special day is a BIG no. Planning a wedding is no easy feat, and when you hire a non-experienced person, you're sure to have wedding mistakes. Oftentimes, couples underestimate the planning that happens to make their big day a success. So, they try to have a friend plan the day or organize it themselves. Remember that your friend or family member helping plan your wedding day is also attending the wedding. They will not coordinate the flow or be a buffer between you and vendors if something goes wrong. Don't regret not fully enjoying your wedding because you wanted to DIY. Imagine running after caterers, vendors and fitting your dresses hours before your ceremony. You'll be tired and exhausted before the event, which is a bad idea. Instead of experiencing DIY wedding mistakes, hire a professional.

A professional planner will ask you uncommon questions and keep you in line with your budget. Hiring one saves you from all wedding mistakes, as your planner will communicate with your vendors, photographers, and the right people at the right time. There is also a massive difference between someone just helping you versus a professional handling it. When it isn't someone's priority, things slip through the cracks, and they are not responsible for how it turns out at the end of the day. A wedding planner makes sure that all the overwhelming planning and organizing process is lifted off your shoulders. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your day to the fullest. This isn't a day to gamble with.

DIY Wedding Planning Mistakes Brides Make
Wedding Planning Mistakes Brides Make

3. Forgetting to Focus on What's Important.

With countless beautiful wedding items and gigantic diamond rings on Pinterest, it is easy to forget what's really important on your wedding day and why you're actually getting married.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the wedding planning and the processes involved, stay focused on what's really important. You are about to start a life with the love of your life and spend the rest of your lives together. Even if the wedding planning details aren't perfect, don't worry or panic because you have your partner with you at all times. Ensure that you carve out time for each other while you plan your wedding. Don't let the wedding planning become bigger or more important than the reason for the wedding. On your big day, you have your partner with you and your closest friends and family there to celebrate with you. Which is all that really matters.

Of course, other wedding mistakes happen, but if you have these three in check, every other thing will fall into place. This is because everything has a link to the three mistakes discussed here. If you have a set budget and stay within your budget, you can fund your wedding, pay for venues, extras, and every item without being in debt after everything. And, when you hire a wedding planner to handle your event, you will not make a mistake because it's a planner's priority to ensure that everything goes smoothly. At the end of everything, marrying your partner is the main focus of the planning. When these three mistakes are avoided, nothing can derail you from fully enjoying your special day.

Want to talk through where you are at in the process? Maybe you have some things figured out but not sure where to go from here? Let’s hop on a celebration call and I promise you will feel so much better by the end of the call knowing where to go from here. Feel free to book a time here. I look forward to hearing about your special day!

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