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Legacy at Oak Meadows Event Space

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Legacy at Oak Meadows, Barn Wedding Venue, Peirson Florida
Legacy at Oak Meadows, Pierson Florida

Finding a barn wedding venue isn't an easy feat. As a wedding planner, I've planned and designed all sorts of barn weddings, and most couples I've worked with have had issues with finding the right barn venue. While most barn venues may seem the same, they do not offer similar services and amenities. This makes it even harder for most couples to finally decide on the right venue.

So, if you're looking to wed in a barn wedding venue, then you will love what I'm about to share in this post. Before I do that, let's look at the infinite possibilities of having a barn wedding.

Why choose a Barn Wedding?

Many people choose to hold a barn wedding because of its laid-back yet personal and romantic setting. This type of wedding setting makes you feel relaxed and free from the bustle and hustle of everyday life. From the breathtaking photos to the large space that accommodates your guest to enjoying the opportunity of appreciating nature; barn weddings offer something truly special.

If you want to look back at your wedding day, and remember its romantic charm, then the idyllic rural setting of a barn wedding is just what you need.

Choosing the right barn

If you're still reading this, you've made up your mind to go for a rustic theme wedding in a barn venue. Well done, you've made the right decision.

The very next step to achieving your dream wedding is choosing the right barn. This part of the planning is fun because you and your partner get to look at photos and videos. However, the difficult part is actually getting your preferred date because most of the best barns are booked in advance, and they may not have the amenities and services you need.

Well, you don't have to be worked up about this. This is the part where I share the information I promised you.

The Perfect Barn Wedding Venue

If you are looking for a barn wedding venue, Legacy at Oak Meadows event has a private venue sitting on 300 acres. It is the perfect location for a rustic-themed wedding.

This gorgeous land is owned by amazing property owners who strongly support the institution of marriage and family.

Legacy at Oak Meadows, Barn Wedding Venue, Rustic Charm, Pierson Florida
Legacy at Oak Meadows, Pierson Florida

Not only is the land gorgeous, but the barn is also light, bright, and airy (AC inclusive). Even if you have a large guest list, there's enough space to accommodate your guests and park their cars too. There's an abundance of space where you have the option to choose from multiple ceremony locations, and each space is set up beautifully to capture your special moment.

Not forgetting to mention, there's room for lawn games, appetizer carts, and plenty of room for exterior bars. This means that your guests will have space and fun socializing with each other.

There are gorgeous chairs and tables available for all your guests; this makes the planning easier as you don't have to get them elsewhere.

The best part is everything you would need to bring together your special day is available on the property. There's no need to worry about a bridal suite or a groom's den; everything you and your partner need are right there. I'd like to add that the bridal suite is gorgeous and can accommodate hair/makeup preparations. When I say Legacy at Oak Meadows makes it easy, it really does. This barn venue even has multiple unique amenities like a fishing area where the groom can fish on the property and enjoy the time leading up to the ceremony. Holding your wedding here would serve as a fitting symbol of starting your life together as a married couple.

Legacy at Oak Meadows, Barn Wedding Venue, Groom Fishing, Pierson Florida
Legacy at Oak Meadows, Pierson Florida

From a wedding planner perspective, a barn wedding venue offers you endless possibilities to style and decorate your venue. You can let your imaginations run wild when decorating and the stunning views in this barn add a whimsical feel to the decorations.

A personalized decor, gorgeous environment, chair, and table contribute to having amazing wedding photos. The warm and relaxing scenery of the barn, coupled with its impressive landscape, will make perfect photo opportunities. Considering that there's a lot of space in the barn, you should think about including a photo booth with props for informal, funny shots.

When you've considered all the unique amenities and extras Legacy At Oak Meadows offers you, every other barn venue comes short. Here, you can only find the perfect combination of rustic charm, romance, and laid-back glamour.

Legacy at Oak Meadows, Barn Wedding Venue, Outdoor Wedding photos, Romantic Wedding, Rustic Charm, Pierson Florida
Legacy at Oak Meadows, Pierson Florida

Want to learn more about Legacy at Oak Meadows, and make sure the date you want for your wedding is available? Then let's get a celebration call booked! This venue is quickly becoming a favorite destination for couples looking for a romantic barn venue, so let's get a call booked sooner than later to lock in your date.

Cheers to your celebration!

Lindsay Hanover

Hanover Celebrations

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