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Flawlessly Executing Dream Weddings One Small Detail At A Time

Take the first step to bringing your love story to life without the stress by booking your celebration call

Full Service Planning

Hanover Celebrations provides complete full service wedding planning services.  From start to end we take the heavy lifting off you so planning your wedding doesn't become a second job. 

We make this happen through our three pillars of service:

1. Collaboration 

I work with you one on one to fully understand your vision. The entire process is customized to you blended with our industry expertise. 

2. Planning

With your vision and personality I bring all the pieces together to create your ideal celebration. Sourcing only the best vendors to bring the celebration to life

3. Facilitating 

On the day of your celebration I will be orchestrating every detail and vendor coordination allowing you to fully enjoy your special moment without any interruptions. 

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Meet Your Planner

Lindsay Hanover

Providing exceptional service is what fuels me and truly is my gift from God.

If you are like me and long for the days when people cared about high level of service then we are made for each other.

You will quickly see just in one conversation how passionate I am to learn you and your fiance, and what matters most to you to bring your celebration to life.

Want to learn more about me? Click here.

Or if you rather just have a conversation click the button below to schedule a celebration call!

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Life is meant to be celebrated, the big and little moments.  These moments are what we cherish and we relive them as we share our stories with friends and family.  Let’s make sure you are able to be fully present in every celebration of life.


 After our consultation with Lindsay she was able to pick out what was important to us, who we are as a couple, and our absolute must-haves on our wedding day. She helped us find vendors, finalize contracts, coordinate rehearsals, answer all of my questions, alleviate my concerns, and did her best to keep me enjoying the fun of our engagement. (Read the full review here)

-Katie & Kenny Arnold

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